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Redland Fruit, Mildura Australia

Argyle citrus side by side.png

This grower had a block of very high value variety of mandarins, that had been grafted onto existing rootstock five years earlier and were struggling with plant health and crop performance, despite several years of sinking time and money into the investment.


After one year of nanobubble treatment, the orchard's independent agronomist confirmed the Nanobubble Agritech system's impact was nothing short of "phenomenal". 

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Windermere Berry Farms, Wanganui NZ

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Windermere Berry Farms are an innovative, leading NZ berry grower, who were keen to test the impact of nanobubbles after seeing promising results in other industries.  

Tony Boswell, Managing Director, confirmed "The increase in yield exceeded our initial expectations and we are very happy with the result. A nanobubble system makes a very good business case for strawberry growers.”

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Cloudy Bay Vineyards, Blenheim NZ

Marlborough vineyard.jpg

Cloudy Bay are a globally renowned winery with a reputation for the highest quality, premium New Zealand wine. The viticulture team at Cloudy Bay were interested in trialling Nanobubble Agritech systems to manage limited water rights and dry conditions, while maintaining the high fruit quality that is synonymous with the Cloudy Bay name. 

While still early days, the team confirmed: "The increased vigour that was achieved in the trial zones shows that system has promise and has led us to continue with the system this coming season."


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33 million plants pa propagation nursery, NZ


This leading wholesale nursery approached Nanobubble Agritech after a constant battle controlling common foliar and soil-based pathogens.


"In June 2022, Nanobubble Agritech Ltd installed their Nano r Series system and we immediately saw a change in the health of our seedlings."


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100 ha dairy pivot installation: Henderson Farms, Canterbury NZ


Cam Henderson, award-winning Canterbury-based dairy farmer and DairyNZ Director, had a few reasons for trialling a Nanobubble Agritech system. Aside from increased yield to increase profit, an important issue was improving water use efficiency under dry conditions. In Cam's words, "insuring against the Nor'Wester wind" and the dry, harsh summer conditions that can severely hamper production potential with limited tools available to directly combat this water stress. 


Installed over a 100ha pivot in December 2023, the Nanobubble Agritech system delivered an average yield increase of 30%, combined with an average reduction in water use of 25%. 

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