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Nanobubble Agritech provide integrated nanobubble technology solutions for the agricultural sector in New Zealand and Australia.

Nanobubble technology has been proven to improve plant growth, resistance to disease, and soil health and moisture retention. Our systems harness this technology to add value to your irrigation water, delivering greater production and in turn, greater profits.

We aim to provide quality systems that deliver this groundbreaking technology to our clients, in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. 






While working in the nanobubble industry, with a background in agriculture, Leon quickly recognised the potential for nanobubble applications in agriculture and horticulture. Leon leads the Nanobubble Agritech team with passion, and is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the company. Leon holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from Massey University, and a Master of Business Administration from Beuth-Hoschule University, Berlin. Leon wrote his MBA thesis on the use of nanobubbles in anaerobic digestion.

Leon says, "Our systems can deliver improved water use efficiency, and greater production, with no additional chemicals and improved environmental outcomes. Farmers can unlock latent production potential without any additional inputs, improving the health of their soils and plants at the same time."




Lauren brings a wealth of research and project management experience to Nanobubble Agritech. Lauren successfully developed and implemented Nanobubble Agritech's initial feasibility studies, and now, commercial scale and on-farm trials. Lauren holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics from The University of Sydney, and a Master of Environmental and Resource Economics from the Australian National University.

Lauren says, "It is so exciting to be at the forefront of commercialising this game-changing technology. The world's water is a limited resource; we are effectively increasing the productive capacity of that water. For farmers with restricted water supply, that means being able to expand production where they otherwise wouldn't be able to."

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Design Engineer

An Industrial Design specialist, Daneel is the technical brains behind Nanobubble Agritech. Responsible for the design of our nanobubble generators, Daneel takes pride in ensuring Nanobubble Agritech systems are optimised to suit a multitude of irrigation operations. 


Daneel is an integral part of the Nanobubble Agritech team, leading the charge in delivering the only nanobubble systems on market able to efficiently and cost-effectively service large flow irrigation markets.  

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